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Esther Emma Jongste – Photo Talk #23

Welcome to PhotoTalk #23. This week’s interview is with Esther Emma Jongste, a photographer living in Friesland, Netherlands. I got to know about her work going through the successful submissions of SoFoBoMo 2011 – a challenge where photographers photograph and complete and publish a pdf ebook in 31 days. Emma’s book for SoFoBoMo 2011 Time [...]

Michelle Kawka – Photo Talk #22

Today’s interview is with Michelle Kawka. Michelle Kawka is a New York based professional photographer. Her personal work has been exhibited at the Queens Museum of Art, City Hall of the 9th Arrondissement Paris France, the Queens Hospital Center, among other places. This multifaceted artist’s short film “Animal Farm” was screened at Sunnyside Shorts Film [...]

Varina Patel – Photo Talk #21

This week’s interview is with Varina Patel. This interview is first, in what I hope, is a series of interviews with women photographers who are into landscape, nature, travel photography. Varina Patel, graciously agreed to be my first interviewee for this series. Some of Varina’s photographs which I love are these gorgeous landscape photographs. You [...]

John W. wall – Photo talk #20

This week’s interview is with John W. Wall. I first came across John’s first blog John Wall’s Natural California when looking for some photo locations around San Francisco. I kept coming back to read his really informative articles and look at his photos. Now, John has a book made out of his blog – you [...]

Younes Bounhar – Photo Talk #19

This week’s interview is with Younes Bounhar, a nature, travel and landscape photographer living in Canada. His amazing photos have won has won the PhotographyCorner.com award for the 2007 Photograph of the year contest. You should head out to his website to see some examples of of his exquisite photographs – and experience the places [...]

Tamara Danoyan – Photo Talk #18

Today’s interview is with Tamara Danoyan. I found her work when looking at photos at the Foto Nova 19: An Exhibition by Bay Area Photographers, at Modernbook Gallery in Palo Alto – http://www.modernbook.com/fotonova19/danoyan/images.htm. Apart from the Photo Nova exhibition, Tamara’s work has also been exhibited recently at Stanford Art Spaces, and at the recent “Frames [...]

Thomas Clavel – Photo Talk #17

This week’s interview is with Thomas Clavel. I first found Thomas’ work when going through his “Terre Mer Ciel” photographs of the “Foto Nova 19: An Exhibition by Bay Area Photographers” at Modernbook Gallery in Palo Alto. From there, I went on to Thomas’ website to spend a few hours browsing through his photographs – [...]

Jay Patel – Photo Talk #16

Here is this week’s interview with Jay Patel. I first found Jay’s photographs when looking through timecatcher.com. Jay’s work has appeared in VIAJES National Geographic, Unique Image Magazine, Timecatcher Calendars, Outback Photo, Nature Photographers Online Magazine, Art Business Review – and various other publications. Jay’s work can be seen at his website www.jaypatelphotography.com. You can [...]

Robert Hitchman – Photo Talk #15

Here is this week’s interview with Robert Hitchman, synonymous with the “Photograph America” newsletter. For those interested in landscape photography, at some time or another, you will bump into this newsletter. That’s how I got to ‘know’ Robert Hitchman – through this excellent publication. Here is how Photograph America is described in its website: “Photograph [...]

Charlie Morey – Photo Talk #14

This week I am presenting an interview with Charlie Morey. I was introduced to Charlie’s work by a friend. A lot of you nature photographers out there might appreciate this and sigh in jealousy: In 2005, Morey qualified for an Artist-in-Residence program at Yosemite National Park, and he lived there making photographs! Read the interview [...]

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