Edward Nunez – Photo Talk #2

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Photograph by Ed Nunez

This stunning photo was taken by photographer and friend Ed Nunez during his recent road trip to Oregon. Check out more of this set and other photographs at his place on the web -Ed Nunez on Zenfolio. Ed has an achievement highly desired by almost all photographers – getting published. He was featured in a spread in Popular Photography magazine.

Read on to learn more about Ed.

SU: Tell me a little more about yourself. How did you get into photography?
EN: Let’s see, My name is Edward Nunez, 37 years old, originally from Venezuela, married, and have a beautiful 8 year old daughter named Vanessa. I started photography less than 2 years ago, I was in the middle of a personal challenge time (I was separated for 2 years, and I had been recently laid-off), so I started to look for something to keep me distracted and occupied. I ran a half marathon, played music with a band, wrote a lot, and work on a software project on my own during that time. One day I was just browsing in a warehouse store (Costco), and I saw this kit of Nikon D50 with 2 lenses… before that I only had a point-n-shoot camera which I use only for parties, and special events. I decided to buy the camera kit, and along with it I put interest on learning a bit about it.

SU: Tell me a bit more about this set of photos.(I’m talking about the Oregon road trip set of
photos here)

EN: The set of photos are from my latest road trip to Oregon. I made my first road trip to Oregon last year, and I had a great time, so I decided to make it a “tradition”. The photos in general show the scenery I found around, there was not a particular “plan” but only vague ideas of where to go. I went through Trinidad (CA), Redwood National Park (CA), Brookings (OR) area, Bandon (OR), Painted Hills, Columbia River Gorge near Portland, Hood River (OR), Cannon Beach (OR), etc.

You are not always under the best conditions to photograph the particular area where you are, but
I tried to make the best of the current situation. Sometimes, It was just a time to know the area, and scout locations (for future trips) and no photographs for that moment. So, on this trip I photographed flowers, beach, mountain, waterfalls, etc.

SU: Can you tell me a bit about your work flow on your images?
EN: My work flow is still under development, and always changing depending on the current tools I have. At the moment, I use Capture NX for the RAW processing, and then go into Photoshop for extra processing. In general, my work flow looks like:
+ RAW processing (Currently done in Capture NX):
– White Balance
– handling of highlight and shadow details
– Set of Black & White points
+ Extra Processing (Photoshop CS3):
– Clean up the image (dust spots, or smears)
– Get rid of any (if any) color cast in the image (different than white balance it)
– Balancing exposure of the image (either with curves or levels, I currently use luminosity masks for this)
– Saturation work (I do it either by color or by saturation masks – similar to vibrance in camera raw)
– Dodge & Burning + Vignetting as needed.
– Contrast and final black & white points.
+ Final Output
– Resize and sharpen based on the output device

SU: You have been featured on Popular photography. That’s quite an achievement What are you aiming for next?
EN: The Popular Photography showcase of my first year happened with a lot of luck on my side, I believe there are so many talented photographers out there. I feel really proud of it don’t get me wrong, but it was mostly based on my photographic “achievement” from my first year. I think I want a long lasting enjoyment of photography for me, it’s not a race about where can I go or achieve next, but to enjoy every step I make. I keep learning a lot from other people, and if I were going to aim for something will be to have a gallery exhibiting my work at some point, no rush to get there.

SU: What does photography mean to you?
EN: Photography in many ways has changed the way I live, and enjoy things. I really see differently now, and enjoy the small details. I am more in the outdoors than before, and I’m always looking around for inspiration, and to keep learning. I breath and live photography now :-) … being a hobbyist/amateur and not having my full time dedicated to photography I can say it takes most of my free time, and I like it a lot like that. To me photography has a bit of everything I enjoy, the technical and artistic side, plus connecting with the environment. It’s here to stay.

SU: Any recommendations? (Photo techniques, Photographers, Music, Books, quotes, food..anything?)
EN: For photo processing I really recommend taking a look at Tony Kuyper Luminosity and Saturation masks at:http://goodlight.us/writing/tutorials.html They have become integral part of my post-processing.
For photographers, and inspiration of images check:http://www.timecatcher.com
Also recommended joining a photographers forum like
Books, I particularly have several of Galen Rowell books for inspiration, as well as Tim Fitzharrits books for techniques.
Food: too many to mention… I’ll settle with a Spanish paella for me.

In general, just enjoy anything you do, and keep practicing… eventually it becomes your nature.

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