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Image of the Littlereads website

A mobile-first progressive web app to track the books you read to your kids.

Polymer, WebComponents, Polymer-Redux, Firebase

2017 - current


Image of the Sofobomo website

SoFoBoMo: Worldwide 31 day photography, solo photo book challenge

Drupal 7, Wordpress, custom CSS

2013 - current


Image of the Exifile website

A Javascript bookmarklet to download our Scribd notes and highlights from your Scribd book page.

Javascript, HTML, CSS, Google Fonts


Graveyard of Projects


Image Photoblog website

Photoblog of 7 years of photos

WordPress, HTML, CSS

2007 - 2014


Image of Phototalks website

A series of 23 interviews with photographers

HTML, CSS, WordPress


Gogol Daily

Image of gogol daily website


A photo-a-day project of Gogol

HTML, CSS, WordPress

Sea Theme for Flogr

Image of seatheme demo page

Theme for Flogr with Flickr. Downlod from Github Repo


March 2012

Client Sites

Eye Health Clinic

PDFs and other odds and ends


Cover of Techmart

This is the place I work. This is the building I drive in to five days a week. This is the building I drive out of five days a week...

SoFoBoMo 2016

Shadows and Reflections

Cover of Shadows and Reflections

We walk through the world, our world, day and night, looking at it, being in it. But seldom do we realize that there is an another world hidden in plain sight. A world of beauty and darkness, almost monochrome, almost surreal - the world of shadows and reflections - in our streets, our parks, our houses and our gardens, anywhere, only if we bother to look at.

This book is an attempt at looking at this beautiful, ethereal, transient world of shadows and reflections.

SoFoBoMo 2015

After Sunset

Cover of After-Sunset book

A PDF photo-ebook made in July 2011 for SoFoBoMo 2011. (~ 12.5 MB file). These are photographs made along the Santa Cruz & San Mateo coasts, California – after sunset over the span of 31 days.



Cover of gogol book

A PDF Photo ebook of Gogol.(~ 8mb file)

Download Gogol


Stacking Cheatsheet for Photoshop

El Conte at Night, by Suprada on Flickr.

A PDF excerpt for download from the Night Photography Techniques post – This talks about how to use Photoshop for stacking for Star Trails (~ 973kb file).



When a life or plan feels ultimately unsatisfying, I find it’s because I’ve forgotten to include:

  • what makes me happy
  • what’s smart (long-term good for me)
  • what’s useful to others.

– Derek Sivers in Happy, Smart, and Useful

About Me

I am a web developer and designer based in Saratoga. I love to make useful beautiful things - be it online tools(exifile), services(littlereads), websites, crochet items or photographs. I love learning, pushing my boundaries. My dream is to stand in the intersection of technology, art and outdoors and make an impact on the world.



JavaScript, Java, HTML, HTML5 Canvas, CSS3, AJAX, MATLAB, Perl

Web Frameworks/Libraries/Services:

Polymer Web Components, Firebase, jQuery, Knockout.js (MVVM), Backbone.js (MV*), Angular.js, Bootstrap, Pure CSS, Jasmine, Gulp, Bower

Other Buzzwords:

Git/GitHub, SVN, SQL, Regular Expressions, JSON, XML, XLST, TDD, Chrome Developer Tools, Drupal 7, WordPress, Sublime Text, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Scribus, Responsive Web Design, Single Page Applications, Website Performance Optimization, Progressive Web Applications, Accessibility

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What I'm working on (updated April 2017)


Image of the Littlereads website

A responsive, progressive web application to track the books parents read to their toddlers and preschoolers.

Audiobook Recording - Moral Letters Vol II by Seneca

Recording of Moral Letters Vol II by Seneca for Librivox. As of April 2017, this project is 70% complete. I have 8 long chapters to finish recording. Estimated completion date: July 2017.

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