Current Projects

: Projects I'm actively maintaining, developing or designing

Projects in the Twilight Zone

: Projects I'm considering sunsetting.

  • SoFoBoMo

    SoFoBoMo: Worldwide 31 day photography, solo photo book challenge

    Sunset Questions:

    1. Is SoFoBoMo still relevant?
    2. Can I hand it over to someone who cares about it more?
    3. Can I find a partner?
    4. Does it need to morph into something else?
    5. Can it become a story telling tool? An anti-instagram?

    2013 - current
    Sunset Plans by end of Dec 2019

  • Rope and Tire

    Image of the Rope and Tire logo

    Written words.

    Sunset Questions:

    1. Do I still want to write?
    2. Do I have anything worth writing?
    3. Do I want to write it in public?
    4. Do I want to maintain rope and tire?
    5. What is the purpose of the writing here?

    2012 - current
    Considering Sunset

The Graveyard

Projects I've shelved, the remains of which can be found here